Some Preliminary Docs for Upstarts and Newbies





















Overview of the framework that I have currently prototyped.



JIMMIE processing a Salutation.

JIMMIE Prototype.  Rather than matching up just words and performing clever pattern matching of a ChatBot using a Level-3 Chomsky pattern, JIMMIE will use real word objects when matching words.  Words become Java objects that represent their true world objects.  So, now we match words to real world objects giving us deep semantic meaning, or 'true thought'.  JIMMIE is not only a pattern match,but reaches understanding, as JIMMIE relates to the world as we do as has a concept of the same objects we do.



Prototype of knowledge pylum



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Spawn32's picture

Thank you SurferJim, will

Thank you SurferJim, will help a lot of users :)

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no problem

Had to put my $ where my mouth is, and walk the walk  Hope to do plenty more!

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Thanks Surfer Jim ! Keep up

Thanks Surfer Jim !

Keep up the good fight (and docs ;)

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Added a few slides

 Added two slides for ServiceInterface implementation.  Used ProgramAB as a model