Some pics of initial prints

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Acetone is very convenient for smoothing gears

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Torso (up to 2013 May parts)

I uset water jet and cut the entire aseembly of  the torso from aluminium


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That's new .. great idea

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yes it is

but, I cant add news pieces or torso to it, so I will wait until Gael releases all the torso and will cut it again a whole one :)

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Did you put pieces in the

Did you put pieces in the acethone?

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yes, either dip in, or pour on it, better to dip in it, but very short time, like 20 sec. I also depends on the infill rate, if there are too many holes, acetones will go deeper and it will need to dry long time. Actually, better to dry it well, because, if not and you paint it, or put grease on it, it will be trapped and make your part really soft and disformed.


Actually, there is a good method of finishing ABS, with acetone vapor

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Thanks for the Great Pictures

Thanks for the Great Pictures !