I've been playing with MRL to try it, and see what I could do with it ! Seems really powerfull.

I got it working but only on the swing, the webGui is not working, I see the service that are running but they are empty sub-windows

attached the webgui i have and my logs

anyone could help ?


5 years 9 months ago

Hello and Welcome frenchclem !

I think the version you are using the webgui does not like MarySpeech - try the webgui without it, or don't use the webgui and use the swing one.

Let us know how it goes..

Hi Grog,

Well if you look at the other service, there are also blank / Empty. My webGui problem does it with every service not only marySpeech.

MarySpeech worked fine with swing gui. The only issue I'm having with swing gui is that when I release a service, the tab is still in the swing gui.


Got it, Kaspersky Endpoint security was blocking something.

I killed it, now it's working like a charm