Once again, i need some help ...

I'm trying to update my arduino Mega board, because the last version i write on it, was v37 . The .ino compile well, start to be write on board, but stop around one minut after i get the messare "an error appen while transfering the scketch" or someting like that . I've tryed to reinstall the version 37 on the arduino and it success . But MRL say "PUBLISH_ATTACHED_DEVICE devicename not found"  

I don't understand why i can't install the last version ...

I've tryed the .ino from ressource folder of MRL , from the ressource folder of eclipse/MRL and from the folder MRLComm on gitHub .

Strangely i can install v49 without problem on my arduino duemilanove .

Any idea ?



6 years 11 months ago

Hi Beetle

Just some basic questions:

1. Is something else using the Arduino ( like forgot to close MRL, or more than one instance of Arduino IDE or some other software that could use the port ) ?

2. Did you select the correct boardtype and port in Arduino IDE ?

Sometimes it helps to close the Aduino IDE, disconnect the USB, wait a little, connect the USB again. Then start the Arduino IDE and upload. 



6 years 11 months ago

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Hi mats, thx for your answer :D

I've well checked if someting else was using the com port, but no, just one instance of arduino ide and yes the good board is selected . It's strange, it work well with the duemilanove . First i've think that my arduino mega was dead, but i can upload another sckecth on it like "blink" or "mrlComm" version 37 and all work well .

i've just tryed with the version 40 from the release 1.0.1758 Lamiak and can upload it too . But the command sent by MRL don't work . if i do a simple digitalWrite on pin 13 by exemple ,  to light up a led , the RX/TX led blink on the board, but the led on pin 13 stay off . Once again this work on duemilanove .


EDIT: the version 46 is also ok to upload to arduino mega, and MRL can ligh the led on pin 13, but it light very little .

Do you get any errormessages ? 

I found this in the log:

"NewPing.h" contains unrecognized characters. If this code was created with an older version of Arduino, you may need to use Tools -> Fix Encoding & Reload to update the sketch to use UTF-8 encoding. If not, you may need to delete the bad characters to get rid of this warning.
But it still compiled and uploaded., I'm using Arduino IDE 1.6.10.
What version are you using ?


6 years 11 months ago

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Thx for your help mats,

Here is the messages i get while compiling :

sketch\MrlNeopixel.cpp:599:44: warning: unused parameter 'bufferSize' [-Wunused-parameter]

 void MrlNeopixel::neopixelWriteMatrix(byte bufferSize, const byte*buffer) {


sketch\MrlNeopixel.cpp: In member function 'void MrlNeopixel::animationColorWipe()':

sketch\MrlNeopixel.cpp:685:12: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-compare]

   if (_pos > numPixel) {


sketch\MrlNeopixel.cpp: In member function 'void MrlNeopixel::animationLarsonScanner()':

sketch\MrlNeopixel.cpp:704:12: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-compare]

    if (pos > numPixel)


sketch\MrlNeopixel.cpp:714:19: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-compare]

   } else if (_pos > numPixel) {


C:\Program Files\Arduino\libraries\Servo\src\avr\Servo.cpp:184:39: warning: unused parameter 'timer' [-Wunused-parameter]

 static void finISR(timer16_Sequence_t timer)


But the compile is ok and the transfert start . I'm using the version 1.6.13 of arduino ide.

Hello !,

I've finaly found were was the problem !! :D thx to google ;)

After long search on the web i found an interesting post on a forum ; It appear some arduino board don't like "!!!" in the sketch . And there is often this pattern in MRLComm (mostly in neopixel) . So i have tryed a find/replace "!!!" by "!" and after that i been able to upload MRLComm v52 without problem :D


Thanks or the update. I have made the same changes in MRLComm and the libraries. So from version  1859 it should be OK.



6 years 11 months ago

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look like I should have remove these lines instead of commenting them out. I had no idea that "!!!" may cause problems