Sneak Peek of Hugo


Here's a sneak peek of my InMoov, Hugo. He's not quite ready to be shown off in the full light, so I did a dark shot with the neopixels on red. The blue at the back of the skull is from the USB cable, but it's going to be removed because it kinda sucks connection-wise. All of the external aesthetic plates are printed from transparent white ABS plastic, minus the face (I thought it would be weird to have a glowing face), everything else is a mixture of ABS and PLA, depending on the function of the part.

Hugo is going to be my testbed for distributed computing: he'll have a RasPi and a Raspi Zero in the head for the cameras, speakers, and microphone, plus a custom mini-itx-based PC in the back (with a monster graphics card of course), and a modified Acer Aspire One laptop as the control computer, replacing the tablet. All of those are connected to gigabit Ethernet (minus the Raspi's that only support 10/100). Gonna need some serious cooling though ;)


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Looks Great AP !  "Monster

Looks Great AP !  "Monster Graphics" card should be fun with Yolo & Dl4j !

Great stuff - keep up the work and keep us updated with Hugo's development.