Skeleton tracking + OpenNI - [Solved]

Hi Grog & Everyone,

  I have been working trying to get OpenNI to start tracking my skeleton.  I have the OpenNI service up and running.  The display shows the grey sort of depth map image, so I know it's getting data from the Kinect to display the image.  However, standing in front of the kinect, I'd expect to see a skeleton drawn on the display of the GUI.  Is there some trick to initialize the service that I need to do before it will start tracking and rendering the skeleton?

I see that I need to startUserTracking() before it displays anything..  I was curious if there is some other setting to enable skeleton tracking/ rendering.





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Hey Kevin, NITE library is

Hey Kevin, NITE library is needed for skeleton tracking...maybe you are missing that piece....

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classpath issue

Thanks for the pointer.  I see the and as part of the svn repo.  I'm thinking these need to be extracted somewhere and added to a class path?  I'm trying to get this all working in eclipse so I can just run/debu the Runtime serivce from my dev environment.

I'll try a few things with the classpath and post back the solution when I find it.  (hopefully)

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NiTE2 path location

I found that skeleton tracking started working after I unzipped the NiTE2 zip files into the path


After I did this, I saw the skeleton tracking showing up in the visual widget!

Thanks Alessandruino!

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WHOOOO HOOO :) o/     we can

WHOOOO HOOO :) o/    

we can mark it as solved?

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you rock

Thanks !  This is solved.  As soon as I got the NiTE2 data files in the right directory, the skeleton showed up in all of it's glory.  now on to getting it to capture gestures :)  

thanks again for all of the help!

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YAY ! keep posting :) so

YAY ! keep posting :) so others can learn too ! :D