A shoutout - Thanks !

I want to say a big thanks for testing, answering questions, commits, fixes, and general coolness. 
I haven't pulled in 3+ days (very unusual for me) - so to see the commit log was like toys from Santa.  Also want to thank kwatters for kind words and the whole MRL crew taking the time and care to answer questions with respect and thoughtfulness.  

And that's all I got to say about that ...
Peace Out ! (Drops the Mic)



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Thanks GroG

I really enjoy working in this project.

First of all, I to get access to all the good things in MyRobotLab that makes it possible for me to make a robot that is far more advanced than I could ever have been able to do my self. 

Second, I meet new people that share the same interest and passion that I have for robotics. 

Third. I can develop things that I need, and then share it so that other pople can use it. That's awsome.

Now, I'm at a stage of development that I feel that it's time to document what I have done and to create example scripts and a documentation page for the services that I have created / modified or have a reasonably good understanding of.

So could I have access to update the documentation pages ? I.e http://myrobotlab.org/service/<service> ?

Is there any specific documentation page that you feel is good that I should use as a template ?

Santas little helper


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Thank you Mats, I enjoy

Thank you Mats,

I enjoy learning and debating with you.  You are passionate about software design and all the complexity it entails.  I feel the same way.

You now have content admin rights..

I'm very excited about your interest in creating documentation.  Asside from the software "basically" working, documentation is "the" most critical thing.

Two large challenges exist :

1. Organization - how to organize it all .. yes Service page is what we currently have ..   You can create a service page bye "create content" -> Service Page     .. its already templated somewhat - some of the parts of the template are picked up from GitHub - which is good...   It looks for an icon on github and a working example script from pyrobotlab    - the script has to be named /service/{myService}.py 

2. Keeping things up to date ..   is the other big challenge ..  I think now that we have 2 branches - the Service page should be aware or allow input to change documentation based on if "master" or some other branch is select (Have not worked this out yet) ...