She's creepy but she's walking


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Yuk?? no linky linky?

Yuk?? no linky linky?

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@Juerg - I think Humanoid

@Juerg - I think Humanoid tried, but something didn't worky ...

Nothing Google couldn't solve is a couple seconds.

@Humanoid - thanks for that ... I agree Sophia is a bit uncanny....

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Embed code wouldn't work for some reason.

I was hoping someone would fix that. Ta


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Thanks Grog, Humanoid now

Thanks Grog, Humanoid

now Humanoid, I remember you complained once about the "pissed trousers" gait of the boston dynamic bot - but this walk looks to me much less advanced, is mostly based on a big foot and misses any elegance. I am missing the flow, walking is the art of stopping falling and using moment for the next move. I can't see much of that in Sophie

Her face however is in another category, far ahead of our mostly a bit delayed jaw movements with InMoov.