Servos not working under voice command but works using sliders


I just got my right arm attached to MRL and got the InMoov2.minimal script to run (had to cut/paste) and MRL is recognizing my voice commands, about half the time.  

When I tell it to "Open Hand", "Close Hand" or "Rest", the screen shows that it is telling the servos to move, but they don't move and just JCInMoov's post on the subject, I can go into the tabs and move the servo's using the sliders, so I know the arduino is connected and working.

I even copied the arduino code from MRL, went into the arduino IDE and uploaded it just to make sure, still no change.

I checked for a Zombie as suggested in another post, but only had one instance of javaw.exe running.  If I close down, start fresh and launch, it still does the same thing.

Any suggestions? JCInMoov did not post what he did to solve his, any ideas?

Thanks everybody.

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Did you NoWorky it ? The last

Did you NoWorky it ?

The last noWorky you did was on Aug. 8th .. and it doesn't even show your running a script, so it's not very relevant...

We are blind without noWorkies ...

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Ya...we need the no-worky  !

Ya...we need the no-worky  ! :)

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No Worky sent

I just sent two no-workies.
The first one was trying to run the py file when loaded by the file/open menu command.
The second no-worky is copy/paste of the py file.  The unit will display my voice command, most of the time, never asks for comirmation and does not move the servos even though it says that it is.  I can move the sliders and the servos work manually.
I noticed that the tx/rx lights on the arduino blink when using the sliders but do not blink when using the voice commands.
Hope this leads to a solution.
Thanks for the help everyone.
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Any ideas yet?


Any ideas yet on why I can't run a loaded python script but it will run a copy/paste one?

I sent a no-worky 10 days ago.

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It sounds like you are having

It sounds like you are having issues with PC versus Unix carriage returns / line feeds..

Try this - download Text Pad

When you load a file in Text Pad you can see what "type" it is Unix vs PC - and it has the capability to switch between the two. Experiment in switching types and loading the file.

Regardless I would not think this is a blocking issue for you since copy/paste seems to work.. it's a convenience thing no?