Servos Installed :- MRL>>>Propeller>>> Flexy-Flexy

Last Hurdle....Kinda......Multiple Servos now working from MRL >>> Propeller

Also created a universal Propeller Board...... one that is easy to fit things too.....


Bottom Left adjustable power Regulator ... for servos (5V-6V) underneath is a 3.3V regulator(Hidden)

Middle Left ... FTDI serial link

16 pin chip is an 8 Channel 12 bit ADC.

8 pin chip is an i2c eprom ..... Program is stored here - on boot up it loads into the propeller ... means also its easy to plug in stock known "Working" programs.

Square 40 pin chip is the 8 cog Propeller running @ 40Mhz ....and along side a plugable crystal.

Its possible to populate 32 servos (and i have installed sockets/plugs in case).... however doing that willl leave no room for RX/TX

Rest of the Propeller intergration will be done with this board set up now.......


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AdolphSmith's picture

Nice idea. I like it Great

Nice idea. I like it Great

Gareth's picture

It been a long time com_ming

I have tried many control programs ..... and none have quite "Cut the to chase" like MRL does...

I prefer code_ing in Propeller and like the support community... so hence my urgent need to shoehorn a Propellor into MRL ......still early days.... however getting there...

GroG's picture

WoooHooo !  Worky Servos

WoooHooo !  Worky Servos !


Another home-run !  Nice Swiss-Army-Knife-Prop-Board :)

32-1 Servo seems small price to pay to communicate .. Great Stuff Gareth !

Gareth's picture

32 servos i dont have (Yet) but i know a man who does

Here is Duane Degn (a good parallax pals) demo of the OBJ code.... to prove its capability.


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Great dev Board

so now that you've built this sweet looking dev board and borged the Propeller into MRL, what is the first project you plan to build with it?

Gareth's picture

2 in mind

Major reason why I wanted to give my Propeller the MRL coat was to get it to drive a hand project I am working on.... I want it Web based and I am hope_ing that MRL will help greatly to this end...

....I still need to intergrate an XBee between MRL and the Propeller to chop the wire links.....all in good time.