Servo pins and configuration

I was trying to connect the servos, apparently I can not set other pins that are not inmoov standard in some parts, it seems hardcoded.

For example in the right arm does not take the changes:

I set right bicep to 38 and continues at 8.

Servo ping fixed


But in rothead it works.

Servo pin free

I am trying to use only one Arduino Mega.
For example you can set: PirControlerArduino=right (or left)
but I don't see if rightArm can be connected to the left side.
I don't know if it can be modified for example to use:
And everything connected to i01.left


Thanks in advance

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Hi Astro ! Inside manticore,

Hi Astro ! Inside manticore, hardware configuration is standardized inside inmoov service.

Additionnal hardware / pin change will be done soon. A big refactor need to be done.

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Hi moz4r! Thank you very

Hi moz4r!

Thank you very much, that's what I wanted to know, I thought I was doing something wrong.