Hi fellows ... just playing around with myrobotlab, first steps !

when jumps the webgui ... 

One of the boxs it´wasn't supposed to be there .

servicegui not found

Any clues what am i missing ?
It´s a clean installation of the last myrobotlab, fresh new one, it jumps every other services, Phyton, log runtime and cli, when i click in the eye shows all,  give the error message in the log panel name is null, i don´t know if the things are related but the box with 
Service gui not found seems that something is going on.

I´m trying to understand the chatbots, how to build them and build one with a portuguese language, there are here some tutorials with acapella as far i understand doesn´t work  more with myrobotlab, but this stays for another post .
Thanks in advance



4 years 2 months ago

oi! bom dia!  tudo bem?  

Welcome..  you should be able to get started pretty easily.  Creating a chatbot in MyRobotLab is easy once you have the AIML.

There are some reference AIML sets that are available..

http://alicebot.wikidot.com/aiml:pt-br:cybernet:cybora  These links might be useful




So, the "service gui not found" can be ignored.  When you're creating a chatbot, you'll want to do it by starting an instance of the "ProgramAB" service.  


Next you'll probably want to use "webkitspeechrecognition"  and set the language to portugues.  That will be able to recognize what you are saying pretty well.


third , you'll need a speech synthesis service to convert the chatbot responses into an mp3 file that is played over the speakers so you can hear the chatbot speak.


The "WebGui" is ok, but I don't know how complete the GUIs are.  You'll probably also want to start the java gui also known as the "SwingGui" ...  


Once you start the ProgramAB service. you should see a window pop up in the gui for it.  There you can specify the bot anme and tell it to start session.

Assuming you've installed MyRobotLab in c:\mrl  ... 

look in the directory 

c:\mrl\ProgramAB\bots directory.  You can make a new directory in there for your new chat bot.   Let's call the chatbot "cybora"  ...

make a directory for   c:\mrl\ProgramAB\bots\cybora

In the "cybora" directory, create a subdirectory for the "aiml"   



Put your AIML files in that directory...   (perhaps just use the ones from the links above. or make your own..)


once you're in the ProgramAB gui  (swing or webgui)  you can set the bot name to "cybora" and click "start session" ...



at that point you should be able to type things into the input box, press enter, and see what the bot responds with.  


Good luck!   If you get stuck..  send a "no worky"  that will send us the "myrobotlab.log" file so we can see the errors and hopefully help you get going...  




kwatters, thanks a lot ... you made the movie of all the steps i must follow to get the understanding of the services flow in this objective, make the inmoov speak portuguese .
I will keep on touch and i will count with the community support ... thanks again , i will follow the schedule you have share and i will give news.
By the way, the initial problem, servicegui not found seems doesnt have influence in nothing else except  some difficults with for example create a new script from webgui in python, i turnaround by using the main Gui , i found a python script in the forum with MarySpeech and it runs ok , it´s the junior session to chatbot , and work it opening the webgui with all the suposed services .


I´m struggling here ... follow your video in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn634aUZeeE ,
By the way it´s very educational, already understand the aiml, the predicates and config files,
But just a simple script in aiml and my robotlab refuse to connect another chatbot, only alice2 talk to me with all the others bots in the folder , the new one and the bots already came with myrobotlab returns to alice when i click start session, then stuck in here ... i understand it´s trying to connecting a second session with alice2, but cannot understand why cannot accept the change in bot subfolder name ... can you give me light 

something like Sunlight interacting with the Earth's atmosphere ....

wow, that gui is confusing ...

It says "alice2" in the box for "Bot subfolderName:" ..  set that to the same as the directory where you placed your aiml.  For example, if you created a directory like  mrl/ProgramAB/bots/cybora  then the bot name would be "cybora" and the aiml is going ot be expected to be in the directory  mrl/ProgramAB/bots/cybora/aiml 

Once you've set the name of the bot correctly, you should be able to click "start session" and it should load. 

If things still don't work for you,  "send a no-worky!"  That will send the myrobotlab.log file to us so we can see what's going on.  

In the above  "User name" should be your name,  something like  "ajesilva" ... 

To send a no worky, go to the help menu item click on "about myrobotlab" and then there's a button for "help it no worky!"  

click that button and type in your name and click send.  We'll get your log files to see what's up. 

good luck!


ok.. from the no-worky i see the following log messages:


17:50:49.914 [AWT-EventQueue-0] INFO c.m.s.SwingGui [SwingGui.java:302] createTab teste org.myrobotlab.swing.ProgramABGui
17:50:49.914 [gui] INFO c.m.f.Service [Service.java:1389] no such method RuntimeGui.onRegistered(ProgramAB) :  - attempting upcasting
17:50:49.914 [gui] INFO c.m.f.Service [Service.java:1394] searching through 76 methods
17:50:49.917 [teste] INFO c.m.s.ProgramAB [ProgramAB.java:635] Done saving predicates.
17:50:49.925 [AWT-EventQueue-0] INFO c.m.f.Service [Service.java:1967] subscribe [teste/publishStatus ---> gui/onStatus]
17:50:49.925 [AWT-EventQueue-0] INFO c.m.f.Service [Service.java:1967] subscribe [teste/publishState ---> gui/onState]
17:51:17.955 [teste] INFO c.m.s.ProgramAB [ProgramAB.java:811] no bot - don't need to write and quit
17:51:17.955 [teste] INFO c.m.f.Service [Service.java:2059] teste info starting Chat Session path:C:\mrl2\ProgramAB\bots\cybora\aim username:master botname:alice2
17:51:17.955 [teste] INFO c.m.s.ProgramAB [ProgramAB.java:139] AIML FILES:
17:51:17.956 [teste] ERROR c.m.s.ProgramAB [ProgramAB.java:143] C:\mrl2\ProgramAB\bots\cybora\aim\bots\alice2\aiml does not exist
17:51:17.979 [teste] INFO c.m.s.ProgramAB [ProgramAB.java:727] Started session for bot name:alice2 , username:master
17:51:17.979 [teste] INFO c.m.f.Service [Service.java:2059] teste info saving teste.json



It appears your value for "path" is wrong.  

Leave the value for path as   "c:\mrl2\ProgramAB"   That's it.  

Next, set the value of bot name to "cybora"   .. then click  "start session" ..


It would appear that you set the "path" to be "C:\mrl2\ProgramAB\bots\cybora\aim" that is incorrect.



I´ve tried every combinations, that´s the version of my robotlab that came with the link from gael in inmoov.fr
the log file in this version .
This is the last 3 lines of the log :

22:57:48.500 [main] INFO c.m.f.Service [Service.java:1050] getMessageSet loading 278 non-sub-routable methods
22:57:48.502 [main] INFO c.m.f.Service [Service.java:1476] cfg file C:\mrl\.myrobotlab\runtime.json does not exist
22:57:48.538 [main] INFO c.m.f.r.ServiceData [ServiceData.java:78] try #1 loading local file C:\mrl\.myrobotlab\serviceData.json

I suspect that is something to do with this :
\runtime.json does not exist

Send a no worky.

I recommend using the manticore release. (Nixie isn't released yet.)

If you have set up the directory correctly, and you specified the bot name correctly and start session it should find the aiml files and load them. You will see that in the log files.

These log messages that you shared are unrelated to ProgramAB.