sendMsg input / output error in WriteByte? (SOLVED)

I can not activate the servos because I have this error message, do you have any idea why?

sendMsg input / output error in WriteByte?

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Hello and Welcome revesecret

Hello and Welcome revesecret !

Usually, it has to do with not connecting MRL to the Arduino.

Send a no worky Help->about->NoWorky .. and our Crack-Dev Team will assist you !

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Send worky not? but I write

Send worky not? but I write it?
My Arduino connects and servo works shortly Arduino and disconnects with this error message

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Revesecret, welcome. When you

Revesecret, welcome. When you tried to move the servos in MRL, and you get the error, look in right upper corner of mrl, look at help, push it and there you can push the noworky button. Then write in your screen name and an error log is send. 

With that error log our crack-dev team can see what went wrong and how you can fix it.

without that it is almost impossible to get your mrl working for you.

And trust me, MRL is one of the best pieces of software you will ever use. Whatever you think, mrl can do it, and with our help and with the crack-dev team on our side it is truly one software to rule them all.

but if we dont get the data of your error log we sail blind on the seas of floating data.

And with your help mrl can grow even beyond what windows is for pc's

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Vandoorn hello, I sent, I

Vandoorn hello, I sent, I expect a solution to help me on this error, thank you

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you will have to do some

you will have to do some things yourself, like go into the shoutbox, and ask grog what you could do.

Its a community, and not a press button and everything gets done for me.

Its all for one and one software to rule them all!

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Hello revesecret - I've

Hello revesecret - I've checked the noWorkies we have recieved and not found one with your user id (revesecret).  Did you put this in ?

I also updated the tips/tricks How To Send a No-Worky -

Can you try again, please remember to fill in your username.

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hello grog, I just sent, yes

hello grog, I just sent, yes it is revesecret

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Ah Haaaaaa ! Hello revesecret

Ah Haaaaaa !

Hello revesecret - Yes I got your log and I have to say I was a bit confused by it ...

This is what I can extract from it :

1. You moved the Servo control of servo1 before you attached ...  (so that's not going to work, but its not a big deal either) - You can't move a servo without a connected servo controller .. such as a connected Arduino.

2. You connected the Arduino ... and it was Happy ! - connected COM6 responded version 15 ... goodtimes...

3. You connected servo1 to the Arduino on a pin .. Yay .. it was happy.. (I did this in the same way .. and it works for me .. I can move the servo)

4. You tried moving the servo .. and you get the SendMsg error .. WTF !?!?!? Finally, it dawned on me... we don't have a picture of your setup .. What I "bet" is happening is your driving the servo off of the Arduino's regulator .. what happen I think is the Arduino is resetting ..

You can post a picture of your setup .. first suggestion I would have is MORE POWER ! - connect the servo to a 5V large current source (such as an old ATX power supply)

I can get the exact same behavior if I disconnect the usb cord and try to move the servo

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hello grog, so the servo

hello grog, so the servo works with external power thank you :)

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Yay !  

Yay !