SEAR Simulator + MyRobotLab



SEAR LIDAR and GPS sensors interfacing with MyRobotLab

Morrows_End has just sent me these amazing videos of SEAR.  SEAR is a simulator and he is testing MyRobotLab as a control system for "Real" GPS sensors & "Real" LIDAR sensors, then examining how the control system behaves with simulated GPS & LIDAR sensors in the SEAR simulated environment.

This would allow people to develop, grow and experiment in a simulated environment, then with little or no changes to their system - move it to a "real" robot !  

Awesome !

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Those videos were really cool. It would be nice if they were a little higher res so we could read the computer screen a bit better.

Lidar is pretty cool. Especially for cross referencing with ultrasound since they can double check one another. Throw in OpenCV and you have a triple checking system.


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Yea, sorry about the quality. I updated to the newest linuxMint and it broke my ffmpeg script which usually takes flawless high framerate screencasts without flicker.  I have tried every other screencast app out there with very limited success. I will keep looking and try to update you with a better video.