A great robot simulator project being developed by  morrows_end

Very Cool !

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Very, very Cool! It will be nice to be able to test things in SEAR before commiting it to hardware.  If it's borged with IK you can test out limb dimensions in SEAR and evaluate performance before cutting real hardware to length.

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I'm glad you like it!

Currently, SEAR can only simulate vehicles.  Adding in servo-like joints isn't too hard though. Once I am able to release it, I hope others will pile on and help me add more capabilities.

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Wow... is pretty impressive....i'm so curious to test SEAR (it would be perfect to test a tiny robot over bluetooth).... is there a plan of a relase??

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Release date

Thanks for the interest!  I plan to release SEAR within the next few months. It is part of my degree requirements so there are some deliverables I am expected to implement before I can release it. I expect to be finished definitely before Christmas.