Save setup?

Just got MyRobotLab (MRL) working with my newly printed right forarm but everytime I close MRL I have to added a new Arduino, set it to COM#, add a servo X times and set each servo to connect to said arduino and attach to pin X.  Is there a way to save this configuration?  

I cannot imagine having an entire robot and having to completely setup every component at every MRL start.  Am I missing someting that EVERYONE else is doig?

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Python scripting will startup all your services for you

Ahoy Bradap!  I think the best way for you to go is to write a small python script to start and configure the services for you when you start MRL.  

Python is a fully functional programming/scripting langauge and it can create any service and call any method on those services.  This is definitely the best/easiest way.

Good luck!  Say hello in the shout box, someone will point you in the right direction.

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Over the past year i have attempted a few times to get my finger working and found various posts with peoples scripts.  I was never able to get these scripts to work - is there a documented API and/or repo with script examples?

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I was just looking online and

I was just looking online and found this link - 

I'll try and look at shortly.

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Github & pyrobotlab

There are many examples in various states of worky in github

If you have questions about how to do things, just say hello in the shout box :)


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Thanks ...

Thanks for the point in the right direction.  I looked at some of the scripts last night but did not get to far since I am still sorting out my power issues.