Running myrobotlab on an Android tablet


I got myself a nice Android tablet for Xmas and I was wondering if it is currently possible de run myrobotlab on it.

I have noticed that there is an Android project on github for myrobotlab but it has only one activity so I guess it is not finished. 

Has anybody tried to run it on an Android platform? or do I need to port the code to Android?



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I have found an apk for

I have found an apk for Android but it is out of date (2013)

I have tried to compile it and included the myrobotlab.jar but I get some errors when building the APK (using Android developper studio after converting the eclipse project).

Can anybody help?


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Any update on this? Android tablets are everywhere these days, and I'm surprised nobody's tackling this issue.

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Its an excellent idea, just

Its an excellent idea, just no one has had the time to do it.  If your interested in trying we will assist you as much as possible.  

Thanks !