I have been building the inmoov over the last few months in my workshop which has no internet connection. I have setup MRL on a laptop and it all works fine while inside, but when I take it to the workshop and attach it to the inmoov, I can get most of it working, but then if I inadvertantly ask it a question that requires an internet lookup, it just stalls. 

Is there any way to run this without internet, or something I can change so it either ignors the command or says there is no internet so cannot do that etc?

I understand that it needs to be able to look things up occasionally, but it is very frustrating as I live in a small country town and our internet is sketchy at best anyway.


4 years 4 months ago

There can be a variety of things that your robot wants to fetch from the internet.

The primary ones are probably :

  1. Voice recognition via WebKitSpeechRecognition and
  2. Speech Synthesis

For speech synthesis MarySpeech works well "offline", regrettably, for voice recognition there less options.
Sphinx service was used for a while, but it's capability has always been marginal.

We are looking into Wavenet - https://deepmind.com/blog/wavenet-generative-model-raw-audio/

In the interim, you might request an enhancement to WebkitSpeechRecognition - publish text ... e.g. "I'm sorry I cannot connect to the internet" when it can't.

Better requirements make better software - so you should have more details of what things you ask, and when the delay occurs.