Rotate image with OpenCV

Hi Everyone,

  I hope this is the right place for this question.  I'm an InMoov builder and am moving on to building the eyes.  My issue is that I have mounted the camera rotated 90 degrees.  I am hoping there is some easy way to apply a transform to the image (from python?) to rotate it 90 degrees clockwise (and counter clockwise for the other eye)

I found the "flip" filter , but that seems to just provide a mirror image.  It seems like the affine transform in OpenCV can do a rotation of an image, however I didn't see a way to hook that from the python side

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Just made Transpose filter

Hi Kevin and Welcome (change your avatar I've seen too many scared gophers)

Either, I got this working or there was a serious earthquake.

Do you build MRL or get binaries?

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Hi Grog,

  Thanks so much for the quick reply.  I have been using the downloaded binaries, but I do have the source checked out and loaded into eclipse...  I think a little command line kung fu and I should be able to get ant to build it from source.


Did you just implement this?  If so, Thanks!



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Ya just checked it in .. 2

Ya just checked it in .. 2 files &

Just do an update->head

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OMG who's the dude in the

OMG who's the dude in the pic? One of the elves? Just awake?

nah just kidding Greg. 

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It's Mr.Chad .. goes with my

It's Mr.Chad .. goes with my new avatar

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Thanks so much!  This inspired me to get my local dev environment going.

I have it built an tested it out, works perfect!  

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Yay ! keep us updated with

Yay !

keep us updated with pictures of your progress and build !

All for One and One for All !!!

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That's what you get using

That's what you get using the best point and shoot digital camera. Great shots!