ROFI Build

A couple months ago I printed of the pieces for a ROFI biped robot.  I really like the look and feel of it, and believe there could be lots of hacking and expansion potential. 

I also thought it would be a great experience for me to get deeper into Android development with a stock build, and deeper into MRL when we want to expand the mind of ROFI. I have a spare ODROID U3 from a project, and think it will fit nicely into the head. 


There is an Arduino Mega installed in the head, and though  I know the robot platform is a WIP, I would really like to install some other sensors into ROFI, and give him more of a job... he cant pay the bills for his power just walking around, looking cute after all. 

Printing went pretty smoothly, the parts are really well designed, and came out looking pretty snazzy. I would make sure you've got a very clean bed for the flat pieces. Like VERY clean, clean it for each print. any curling will make a flaw on the outer edge of the robot. 

Hopefully, we can have some fun with this project, there are some other MRL fellows that have some pieces printed..   ( (>_>)  KMC ) One thing I tend to do is have lots of irons in the fire, so I'm looking for a full achievement get on this one, even if stock at first, then a replacement to MRL. I'd love to see this little guy running around, tracking with OpenCV, speaking, mapping sensor data... you know, the whole shebang. 

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Nice to see another MRLer build of this wee beastie. Informal competition and comradery will hopefully keep us going on this build.  I like to say that 100% of my projects are 90% complete.

I found the walls on some of the parts (the feet) to be a bit thin so they cracked a little on me. The large flat thin bottom of teh feet had them lift and warp a little on me but they might be useable.

I ran out of red abs before I could finish him. I have all the servos on hand but I may have stolen one or two for InMoov. I'll need to pick up another Mega for him or "borrow" the one I'm using for InMoov.

I need to order some hardware like the bearings to do the assembly. I have a couple sizes of M3 screws but might need some others. I have to check my inventory of M3 washers and nuts too.

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I have lots spares

M3 stuff, bearings, etc.  Want a care box? 

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I have a most of a 100 count

I have a most of a 100 count box of M3 20mm socket cap screws and a few 12mm left. Couldn't find my washer and nut inventory with a quick search. 

You have all the little hardware bits I need?  How much?

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My ROFI spares

are $Free + Shipping. I bet I can jam most of it into a small flat rate box. 

Just let me know what you know you need and I'll let you know what I have. 

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Ok I'll do a proper inventory

Ok I'll do a proper inventory and let you know.

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Proper Inventory

Here's what I have on hand:

M3 nuts: 23 (zinc not black)

M3 washers: 14 (zinc not black)

M3 screw 12mm: 12

M3 screw 20mm: lots

Looking over the build instructions it looks like he uses:

For the Leg(s):

M3 nuts: 6(12)

M3 washers: 15(30)

M3 8mm: 11(22)

M3 12mm: 9(18)

M3 16mm: 4(8)

M3 20mm: 8(16)

623ZZ bearings: 6(12)

Something else on the top screw of slide 21 and the bottom screw of slide 31 as some sort of spacer?

For the body:

M3 4mm: 2

M3 8mm: 18

M3 16mm: 4

12 x 3 pin right angle headers


I'll still have to source the other electronic related bits like batteries, servo extensions, voltage regulators, switches, fuses, etc.

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Hardware arriving.

Most of the M3 hardware should be arriving today. The only one that isn't is the 12mm M3 screws and they should be in tomorrow.  Depending on how I feel tonight I'll either start assembly or I'll just put together a kit with all the parts I expect to use and see if my counts work out after I'm done building.

I still need to find some other electronic parts but the ping sensor will be arriving with the screws. I have some time to look around to get the other bits while I get around to printing the remaining parts.  The OCD part of me wants to hold off printing until I can get more red ABS but the impulsive part wants me to just print in whatever color I have on hand so I can build the whole thing and reprint in red later.  I think Lazy and OCD will unite and keep Impulsive in check.