Robyn Inmoov is testing he's fine motoric skills

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C'est trop fort !!! I mean,

C'est trop fort !!!

I mean, that's too impressive !!! GREAT !! (really)

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Woot Markus !Share script

Woot Markus !

Share script please ! ... "That was Perfect !"  ..  but of course I'm very interested about .. the number of failures !  Was there slop you had to compensate for ?  Could it be repeated ?  If so how many times ?  Tension and wear of gears show a noticible effect over multiple trys?  What is the accuracy ratio ?  

How many balls do you have rolling on the floor out of camera view :D

When are you going to topcode some things ?  When are we going to have vision as an input - so you can MOVE the ball and Robyn will STILL get it ! 

BTW - your mini servo mod is great !