Robyn Inmoov in Roorkee , India 2017

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Awesome Video ! Thanks

Awesome Video !

Thanks Markus.

I see Mats REPRESENT !

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Thanks Markus

Great to see this video. 

Yes. I talked to a lot of people about InMoov and MyRobotlLab. 

And Markus had a nice MyrobotLab t-shirt that he gave me :)

India is so different to what I'm used to. Traffic is crazy. Everyone on high-beam in the night, or no lights at all. A mix of cars, lorries, cows, tractors, bicycles, scooters and piedistrants on the same road.  Crossings with two four lanes roads, in the same plane, without traffic lights, or any signs of who should drive first. I would never dare drive ther myself.

The campus was like an Oasis. A very nice area, with almost only students and teachers.

Thanks to the people who invited us. Everything worked very well.