Robyn Inmoov mini keyboard.

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#file : home/Markus/ edit raw
mic = 1

def input(cmd):
    # print 'python object is',msg_[service]_[method]
    cmd =[0]
    print 'python data is', cmd
    if (cmd == "M"):
        if mic == 1:
            i01.mouth.speak("i'm not listening")
            global mic
            mic = 0
        elif mic == 0:
            i01.mouth.speak("i can hear again")
            global mic
            mic = 1

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Well done Markus,Nice  find

Well done Markus,

Nice  find with the remote mini keyboard.  Your InMoov is becoming your central home automation system too..  We need to put that kinect to good use, and have it switch on the nexus outlet for the coffee maker a get you a cup :)

Looks like you got the hang of github too.  Code snippet + Video is a great combo !