Robyn Inmoov microphones/sound sensors.

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hairygael's picture

Very great improvment with

Very great improvment with the sound detector!!. Do you think it can easily be added as default sensor in the script? Where do you say they are connected?

Your back screen is nice and big which is cool too.

GroG's picture

Brilliant ! Super Clean

Brilliant !

Super Clean Construction, Electronics .. and Excellent use of the Software !

Your a RockStar Markus !

Markus's picture

Thanks Grog! Let's Rock and

Thanks Grog! Let's Rock and roll! Hahaha!

borsaci06's picture

Handsome Robyn,,,

Kudos Markus... brilliant work.... I am having problems with similar setup for my robotic head... Servo noise creates peoblems... my head cannot detect outside sound easily when mixed with self servo action sounds...