Robyn Inmoov having a party.

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Ahahahah !

Robyn can do the "Robot" really well!

Great Markus !  Do you have plans to control more stuff with X-10 ?  

Are you using the Nexa system to control the lights & stereo ?

I remember your previous post  &

But I would assume the Nexa controls only Nexa units - have you soldered in a Universal IR controller now ? :)

Holy moley ! 
I did a search on the web for a Universal Remote Control you could just plug into your phone or computer - and THERE DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE ONE !   I think it would be great to have an IR dongle which can turn on your TV, Stereo, Nexus and anything else which accepts any IR control. Hmmm - putting it on the MRL business ideas list.

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Great video Markus! Always a

Great video Markus! Always a pleasure when you post one.

When InMoov decides party is finished, it's serious, everything shuts down!! Ahaha.

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doing the robot dance! haha i

doing the robot dance! haha

i am using the nexa controller for the lights.
it's not a IR remote. Frequency 433.92MHz
at the moment i have 4 resivers but i can have up to 16 if i want to

and the music is just in Robyns head hahaha!

i01.mouth.audioFile.playFile("C:\Users\Markus\Music\Get the Party Started.mp3", False)

A Universal Remote for the computer working with myrobotlab is a great idea