Robyn Inmoov cleaning upgrade.

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Thanks for the help

I'M writing you to thank you for your help by you making this video. my financial adviser ( my wife ) has put a freeze on my assets ( my allowance ) that I had budgeted for my vital inmoov project until the local economy improves ( when i get a second job ). After showing her the video, I hope she will see the vital importance my inmoov project could be to help with house work ( because she knows that I stink at it ) I told my financial adviser ( my wife ) that if she would release my assets that i could make my inmoov project do that and so much more (In reality I haven't been able to make inmoov talk) and that It would be no time until she would see the results of my labor. ( Maybe in a few years ) so thank you and keep the videos coming! 

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Thanks for the video Markus !

You have shown us yet another important use case for InMoov

Hazardous Waste Disposal !