Robotic Memories and Cognition


Here's a little preview of what I've been working on.  The basic idea is that I'm working on the abilty to interactively teach the InMoov (and other MyRobotLab powered robots) to be able to learn from us in a very natural sort of way by introducing them to people , being able to store those introductions as memories and subsequently being able to learn from those memories.  This is work in progress, it's a bit rough around the edges, but I hope this video shares some of the basic ideas of where we're taking this technology (and MyRobotLab as a  "cognitive platform"

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Awesome Kwatters

Awesome Kwatters !


Ahahahah ... I needed a beer bottle in my hand and I'd be more recognizable ;)

Excited to see these connections starting to be made.  I know you've been pounding away at it before the conference .. 

Great demo !


Its a search engine

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INTERLINKED !!! : )   This is


: )


This is awesome!

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Awesome !

Awesome !

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I loved it! Thanks a lot for

I loved it!

Thanks a lot for the video, it's super interesting, and I can't wait to see this being able to work on our InMoovs.

I bet you hear "interlinked" in your dreams now!

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Very exciting !! Thanks for

Very exciting !! Thanks for your time, your work and this awesome video.


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This is really amazing. great

This is really amazing.

great work Kwatters !

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Really essential for moving on to giving memories, enabling  realistic conversations.

Ability to now log last time subject  was seen together with locaton.

Thank you so much for your work.