Robotic arm


This is my robotic arm with 6 DOF and i control it using MyRobotLab through vocal controlling.

Watch the video.

Thank you and good look!







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Hello And Welcome Andrea

Hello And Welcome Andrea !

What a excellent surprise !   _clap_ _clap_ _clap_ _clap_ _clap_ _clap_ _clap_ _clap_  :D

Awesome project !

Your speech recognition worked very well (how many takes did that take ;)

Excellent Arm - did you design it all ?  What did you build it for ?  How long did it take ?
Thanks for the media !!! :D

What are your plans next ?

some possible suggestions :

  • You can take out affirmations if you want - you could just have it repeat what you say, intead of having to say "Yes" after each command.
  • Its great you have "Low Level command of your arm"  - center, left position, etc.  It might be fun to get a camera overhead and use OpenCV to tell you arm "Higher Level" commands - such as "put the yellow box on the red box" - Here is a link which shows the overhead camera idea - MyRobotLab - Making Dumb Robots Smarter Inexpensively