Robot Looking for a Cup of Mojo

Mech-Dickel made this great video or MyRobotLab Tracking service thirstily tracking a yummy cup of coffee.



2 Servos, 1 Arduino, 1 Webcam & a cup of Mojo !!!

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nomasfilms's picture


OK, what's freakier, how much that robot loves coffee, or that tiny creature you can barely see in the backgound that looks alot like a gremlin?!? You didn't feed them after midnight or get them wet, did you??? Great work on the robot head, I nominate you for most artistic use of a Tracking Service in a movie! Ask Grog to send you a link to his flaming walking shopping cart if ya want to see something even freakier and yet quite artistic... You wont be disapointed! Chris

Mech-Dickel's picture

My own Gremlin.

Hehhh, that's nice. That little creature in the background is my own Gremlin, that calls Stevie.