Robot-Gurus Meet @ Eiffel Tower

Ahoy! Great Picture of Our Illustrious Robot Gurus @ Eiffel Tower !  
Sipping coffee, and occasionally glancing at their mobiles for new build numbers, git issues and using octo-print remote to see if their latest part has printed.  :D

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It was great seing you all at

It was great seing you all at the Eiffel tower!

Very nice to meet Mats and his wife which were on a tour through France.

We talked a lot about MyRobotLab of course=great time!

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recognized Gael and Mats and

recognized Gael and Mats and read his wife wanted to meet the person that  almost took her husband from her. But the 4th member? moz4r alias Antony? or am i wrong?

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Moz4r !  Fellow Captain and

Moz4r !  Fellow Captain and mad master & contributor of the InMoov repo !

and the Pyrobotlab repo !

And making the Service Pages Worky !!!

Hail moz4r !

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You are correct.

It was really great to meet Gael and Anthony ( moz4r ). So many things to discuss :)  Adding more sensors. Wheels vs legs. Top priorities for MRL development Many people are building InMoov robots or part of the robot.