RoboJ ventures into the forest

It was a nice trial run to get RoboJ into the woods.  Good thing, Robotics has put me into pretty great shape.  His suspension is so damn strong, I'm in awe as he took a real lickin and kept on ticking.   No head popping off, no broken fingers, nada.  Putting steel into the neck was a real charm, make him strong and free from harm :-)   I cannot believe the obstacles he took on, dragging a robo into the woods like a 'foolish moron'  Next time, we go, motos and steering will ease the go....


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GroG's picture

Thanks for the cool pictures

Thanks for the cool pictures Surfer Jim !

Heh, bet that could have raised some eyebrows - dragging a mechanical man through the forest ...

Good idea though to validate it structurally ;)

What type of motors are you planning for will they be fast enough to chase the boy scouts ? :D