The road to industrial robot control for hobbyests

My new years resolution is to really get a good understanding of industrial robot arm control with the hopes to come up with some dynamic control to keep robots balanced and borg that into MRL.

I recently picked up a robot arm kit from OWI.  It's a 5 degree of freedom robotic arm.  It took about 2.5 hours to assemble.    

The OWI Robotic Arm Edge Kit


This morning I was surprised to find that there is a paper written that has the D-H parameters for this arm to come up with a proper model for the arm.  This should be a simpler model than the full InMoov so  I figured, it's good to start by trying to understand this.

This does mean, I'll need to hack this arm up to add some potentiometers to get feedback from the angles.

If the math all holds up ,  we should be able to get this arm to sign it's name.

For those who are into the whole Jacobian / D-H parameter quest , here's the link to eh paper I found



So, Using the D-H params from the white paper above, I was able to set up RoboAnalyzer to run simulations of the OWI Robot Arm... I feel like I'm starting to understand a bit of what's going on now (finally!)  Though, I was confused when I first was working though it.  I thought the white paper was wrong.  Now the question is, using this,  can I compute the IK for a particular point in space and see the simulation actually drive the arm to that point.

OWI Robot Arm Kinematic Model in Robo Analyzer

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"Industrial Control" ! I like

"Industrial Control" !

I like the sound of that..

Great ideas for the new Service !  Would be amazing to have a web interface (AngularJS or Threejs) to have a 3d model of the guy and be able to control that way..


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hello kwatter i find that for

hello kwatter i find that for you


perhaps you need for your robot



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OWI arm....


I have worked a lot on this very arm and created Arduino control (remote with xbee) with a wireless glove that I made... It will be great to add some feedback from motors and add more functionality....

Check out my OWI arm at my site:

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Why did you think the white

Why did you think the white paper was wrong.  So does RoboAnalyzer have the capability of driving real Servos? Is that what you were saying in  your last sentence?

Is your strategy to do the calculations "by hand" and check them with RobotAnalyzer to verify your computations & algorithm?