Reversing servos

I am running the  "" script.

The pinky, ring finger and majeure were running backwards, so I edited thes lines (in red):

# tweaking defaults settings of right hand


Now all the fingers are moving correctly, I can open and close the hand with voice control, but the manuak sliders on the fingers that I edited do not move.


Is there something else I need to change?

As you can tell, I am not a programmer, but I could use some help learning how to make these scripts work.





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just a thought

by any chance are your lines from the fingers inverted

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Yes, the "tendons" must be

Yes, the "tendons" must be reversed, but I thought it would be easier, and give me a chance to get familiar with the code, to revese them with software instead of disassembilng the hand.

How are you coming with your project? Looks like we are at about the same stage.

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Instead of this

Instead of this :,0,30,115)

Do this,180,115,30)

The "input" on the left will always be 0 - 180 from the gui ... you just want to reverse & change the output

Cheers !

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Yes, that works!  Now I can

Yes, that works!

 Now I can see that this Python script must be passing these lines to the MRLComm script running on the Arduino. and the "map" is an Arduino function.

I am still trying to reverse engineer this but having trouble figuring out what parts of the script is Python and what is  Arduino


Thank you, GroG!

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I 'm about 80%  with the

I 'm about 80%  with the printing been spending a lot of time making gearboxes run smooth and pulling the pots to do external hook up. I loved making the head and mouth with all of the servos.

 Did you get the nervo boards? It sure helped in the wiring up along with the stl files for the mounts

I have avoiding the two adrunios mega's because of the python script

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Yes i have Nervo boards, they

Yes i have Nervo boards, they are nice for cleaning up the wiring.

From your other posts on "Trying to learn the basics of MRL"  I see you had trouble connecting your Mega  to COM4, did you ever let Grog connect with a remote desktop connection? What kind of PC are you running and what OS?

Maybe we should move this thread back to the original folder Trying to learn the basics of MRL, you can answer there?

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Yes Grog, kwatters and Gael

Yes Grog, kwatters and Gael set me on the right path!