Reversing DC Motor polarity inside servo

to achieve correct direction

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Nice Pictures - Thanks... Was

Nice Pictures - Thanks...
Was curious of the need to invert - is this because of a revered axis printer, and therefore a reversed worm drive? Or do you think the servo is non-standard?

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need of invert

for shoulder servos, this was needed because of reversed worm, on armrotate - because it needs to rotate oposite direction. Just rewiring the pot does not help. If you test a servo with removed (and extended) pot (also cut the limiter on gear) in one direction of wiring it works as it should, in another direction of wiring it does not work as intended, because servo rotates towards the destination angle and takes pot to oposite direction, which means, that it will never reach the destination and will rotate continuosly and brake the pot.

I't not as easy to explain, you have to test it

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This is necessari because you

This is necessari because you printed Higgs version, right? Normally it isn't required..