Rest Position Problem

I have my robot arms shoulder connected to be at the rest position (arms down) at 90 degrees. As I understand MRL uses 0 degrees for the rest position.

Had this question before and got as answer to set the rest position of my shoulders manually to 90 degrees with the command:


This however does not work after a reboot. I have tried to set the rest position at different places in the code but trying to set it before startRightArm throws an error and setting it afterwards only has an effect when I restart the python script.

What do I need to do to get the initial rest position changed?

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That should be put between

That should be put between the creation of the arm and the starting of the arm...

For example i01.startLeftArm will create and start at the same time.. So it 's not good cause it will miss your special tweak...

You need to just create the arm, tweak the values you want and then start it..

I ll write a little example as soon as I come back home


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Try with this :  i01 =

Try with this : 

i01 = Runtime.createAndStart("i01","InMoov")
i01.leftArm = Runtime.create("i01.leftArm","InMoovArm")