Removing the potentiometer from a HS-805BB servo for my InMoov project




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Excellent video Wayne. I feel far more confident now getting ready to tear into my Servo's.

Thanks a ton.

Dwayne Dwilli9013

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I followed Gael's tutorial

Nice video but if you follow Gaels assembly video, he shows an easier way. By pressing down on top of the drive gear on top of the motor, the motor and circuit board will pop out as a unit.Then the pot can be extracted. Clip the pot wires and add the extensions.Having burned out few (from over exerting he servo) I have become very proficent at this method, the whole process takes me about 10 mins.(that's 10 mad minutes having burned up $40)

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beating on the gear tends to

beating on the gear tends to destroy teeth, been there done that. Also the new 805's have a ton more glue, the old ones with the metal pot has less glue so pushing was not an option, beating with a small hamer was required to break the motor free. I would never do the drive gear push again. to each his own, also I like the plugs on the pots so when a servo burns out I don't have to replace the pot on InMoov too