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AIML file

The AIML file contains wrong quotation marks at line 2. If you compare to line 1 you see the difference. Use the same like in line 1 and the file will work. Also you can use AIML version 2, but this is not important to get the file running. Replace line 2 with: <aiml version="2.0">.

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10% there.

Hi MB, 

I modified the aiml version at the top so now it's at least going into the correct script but now I'm just getting "Can you say that in a different way?" (wildcard) even when specifically saying 'Hello' and "how are you?"

I have tried removing the wild card but that brings me back to "I have no answer for that" for every question including the 'hello statement'.


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it's not working because you

it's not working because you don't tell programAB to use your topic tag. 


What between the topic tag won't be use by programAB until you tell it to use it, and when you do, it will look for answer in the right topic first


try something this way

in this example, the * and I LIKE WATCHING COMEDY! patterns won't trigger before you tell him LET DISCUSS MOVIES first

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<aiml version="2.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <pattern>LET DISCUSS MOVIES</pattern>
      <template>Yes <set name="topic">movies</set></template>  
   <topic name="movies">
         <pattern> * </pattern>
         <template>Watching good movie refreshes our minds.</template>
         <pattern> I LIKE WATCHING COMEDY! </pattern>
         <template>I like comedy movies too.</template>


hope it help


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aiml tag format

Almost @calamity.

the AIML format should be as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      This is a default response to all input.


Otherwise, the aiml you provided looks correct.  For consistency, I would loose the white space in the pattern that you have.  (not sure if that would also cause a problem.)


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No worky.

I don't think the initial aiml tag looks correct, particularly with the question mark at the end.

Your way of setting the topic seems to be different from everyone else's.  I tested that script as is but no worky.