After following the instructions in the documents section , i was able to establish a connection between 2 instances of mrl on different computers.  

I was unable to click on any tab to modify anything on either computer. 

I was unable to see the remote mrl tabs.

It seemed to lock mrl on both computer.  The only way to close mrl was with task manager.

i tried this on 3 computers.  Computer a & b, and a & c with the same results.

a & b -windows 10 computers, a & c - windows 10 and ubuntu 16.04

not sure where to go next.

thanks for your assistance in advance 


4 years 8 months ago

Hello mhaskell and Welcome to MyRobotLab !

Remote serialization is a bit challenging ...
Currently it is our #2 big priority on our Nixie release - but its behind dependency management & the new build - 

There are some challenges in creating a distributed system with computers a, b & c,
but we have a plan to make the swarming much more easy in the future.

I'm excited your doing a hybrid swarm (windows/ubuntu)

Are you using the Manticore release ?

Have you sent a noWorky ? 

What are you planning? - where are you from? - what is your current project ?  How did you find us ?



I'm using manticore

I'm unable to get to the help menu to send a report.  When I look in the log tab after killing mrl, it's empty and assumed there would be nothing to send

I stumbled on inmoov project after researching 3D printing.  My interest was reignited in robotics.  

I love the raspberry Pi, and believe it would do great for inmoov. Simple is always better.  I have been following Mats with regards to i2c and would like to pursue control in this manner.  

I believe in open source and thank you for work.  I hope to contribute to this project in the form of video tutorials.  I see many cool projects.

Mike from Canada

The freezing of stuff probably is caused by an error from the networking affecting the UI ..

usually its something which cannot be serialized.

A log file called myrobotlab.log is the critical part which is usually shipped with a noWorky.

Does the log exist on either system ?  Does it contain errors or exceptions ?

A pleasure to meet you Mike.




4 years 8 months ago

So after further testing, it appears the common computer seems to cause the trouble.  Computer A causes the lock.  Computers c and b seem to not lock.  

Regarding connection between b and c, after the connection is made, setting up an arduino service triggers multiple lines of tabs continually being created.  I now have to end process and start again.

Is this normal behaviour?

Do all the required services need to be started before connection is made?

should all tabs appear on both computers?

should I be able to control a servo on computer c from computer b?


Hi Mike,
No none of that is normal nor desired behavior :(

Should you be able to control servo on computer c from computer b yes ..

The endless tabs sounds like a problem with the definition of the the services going in an infinite loop.

It would be helpful if you described the bugs with as minimal services as possible.

3 computers, each having a RemoteAdapter, a Gui & a Clock - this should allow us to isolate the issue more quickly.   The "desired" result is to be able to control any clock from any computer.

Here are some link of previous experiments I have done ..

And (N) computers ...…;

Alot has changed and as I mentioned stuff needs to get fixed, our priority is the build & new dependency manager .. but network is soon after.