Release Notes

 Release Notes


  • removed performance issue due to logging


  • websockets on 7777 instead of 7778
  • better gson type conversions
  • improved REST api
  • performance timings for opencv
  • opencv clearFilters changed to removeFilters 
  • record single frame simplified
  • beagle bone black service skeleton added
  • comedi driver removed

Details from build server


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zampier's picture

Thank you!

Haha, it's just for know what's new, if I can help to make it better! =D

GroG's picture

Ya !

We will make it better ! ... On big help is always good tutorials.  Good documentation is an art !

kmcgerald's picture

Fast and Furious ...

Is Fast and Furious just another name for "crazed rat" development?  :)

GroG's picture

Similar, but with more of the

Similar, but with more of the "hearding cats" ideology

GroG's picture

Zampier wanted to know where

Zampier wanted to know where the Release Notes were  :)
Ahahah .. there is no time for release notes !
But if you want to know what has been tinkered with lately this makes a good list

You may have heard of different development methodologies