Release of the advanced inmoov head

Hi all. So, im considering releasing my advanced inmoov head for all of you to use if you desire. its not fully finished and to be honest i would need testers to make sure that certain things work as expected. The entire head would have to be reprinted to use my design, and you would need the drupp neck. There was one problem with the drupp neck in that it was not strong enough to hold up the new head with all of its electronics and spawn and I never came up with a different or modified design to account for this.  What does work is the eyes, eyelids the mouth movement, jaw movement, and head bob movement. The head and neck was meant to have a silicone skin cover it but I became busy right before I designed the skin for it. A tongue was in the works and there still is  space for it but the movement design was not finished. The lips mechanism was designed but not tested (and they probably needed some revisions to make them look accurate). Eyebrows are half complete with up/down movements designed (untested) but struggling to fit the rotation design into such a small space. All in all, Im fairly proud of my work, and im hoping that with publishing my designs, that the rest of you can help me finish it. I am quite busy with college so I dont have much time on my hands, but Im hoping to get back to its design at some point.  Here is a reference video of the eye movement in case your forgot (Hope it doesnt break mrl like last time. lol) 






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Hello, That's a great thought


That's a great thought of sharing!

Along with the spirit of MRL and InMoov.

Let me know when you publish the parts along with the tutorials, I will be delighted to see your ingeniosity.

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Hey Gael. Over the next week

Hey Gael. Over the next week im gonna export all my STL's from blender and into a new github repository. The one issue that I will have is that I will be unable to make tutorials on assembling WITH the assembled head as I never actually printed it! I had morton (Spawn) print it all out for me and become my official tester, but he has dropped off the map :(    Therefore, I will need one of you guys to print out the parts, and I'll have to look through my conversations with morton to see what hardware was decided on for controling the moving parts. I will provide pictures or blender files if necessary to allow you guys to view my model setups and Ill make sure its all labeled appropriately. All of the servos I used in the confines of the skull are the corona DS-929HV. There are at least 13 of them in the skull, possibly 15 depending on how we do the eyebrow rotation. Since I ran out of room in the skull for more servos, I decided to move lip movement and possible tongue movement servos down into the torso below the drupp neck, controlling things via flex cables. Thats just an overview of some of the hardware. I'll post my link to the repository in this blog once i start setting it up. 

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Very Cool Alexinato40 !

Very Cool Alexinato40 !