real mouthcontrol - audio signal processing

This post to talk about the best way to use audio signal processing through mrlcomm protocol without additional arduino code.
I've done some test it worky so great!
It can be enhanced to be standardized more about voltage input, I hope so. An idea?


We need a new service to use an audio amplifier like this:
Because with audio signal processing we can't touch audio signal volume output anymore

let’s do some explanation :

The idea: Simply map the jaw to an audio signal plugged to an analog pin of your arduino
I use left audio signal + right audio signal to enhance signal
My computer audio output around 1 volt, so the aref need to be around 1 volt to have best results.

It is time to put sound volume at the maximum and use your Multimeter!!

About the code we simply use a publishPinArray listener ! And add jaw.movoTo() inside.
Values need to be polished of course

Maybe it can be pushed to java side.

Any ideas to enhance it will be great !