reading java log entries

sorry, one of the silly questions maybe

but looking at the output of the java log I see zillion of messages of the kind

... [WARN] searching through 239 methods
... [WARN] attempting upcasting

these messages kind of "clutter" the log and at least I can not gain any info from it - so for whom are these messages important?


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Hi juerg you can decrease log

Hi juerg you can decrease verbose logging by setting a new log level ( from swingui gui inside runtime or runtime.setLogLevel("DEBUG")




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The warning comes from MRL

The warning comes from MRL trying to reflectively call a method - but failing in the first set of possibilities, which leads to a less than optimial search for a working method in it's inherited methods.

The framework was improved with method caching.. but still not optimal.

I think several of the warning might be turned off, if the target method was "boxed"

For example :

publishSomething(int data) - will generated the error, but 

publishSomething(Integer data) - will not

I'll add a ticket to look into the details

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thanks for your answers I

thanks for your answers

I know that I can change the log level but these messages are not in the INFO level but in the WARN level. So it would restrict me to ERROR messages only?

So maybe downgrading these messages to INFO could be a solution?

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great, thanks

great, thanks