Raver's DynoGUI !

Had to post some of the fun I had with Raver's new GUIDynamic service - which allows you to customize a gui.  I started the Runtime "normally" and did a single line of Python.  Since, GUIDynamic is a subclass of GUIService - it creates what "looks" to be a completely new MRL instance ... but it isn't .. its something which looks like a GUIService + another plane which you can customize the display by double right clicking -> transplant.

Very cool Raver !  It was also entertaining to see MRL with two GUIServices.... and they both worked as you would expect !   This is a testament to the fact that MRL IS NOT THE GUI ! - The GUI is a view into MRL !  Which means we can have multiple-types of GUI .. Raver has just proven this !!!   YAY !


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The Matrix

I have seen the light and it is good.

I hope to spend some time tomorrow improving this. I'm also planning on borging in my reflector into the java service.

Thanks letting me exercise my code-fu on your project, Grog. MRL is #1 the best software ever written. 

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After all its all open source !  YAY to that and free beer !