Raspberry Pi - first Pictures ----

I have just received a Pi NOIR (Raspberry flavored) from the UK firm www.farnell.co.uk

Above is a picture taken using a 3Watt Infra Red LED in pitch darkness.

Its a Raspberry Pi NoIR Infrared enhanced Camera Board (5MP, 1080p, 30fps,v1.3)

Below is a picture with a normal 50Watt warm LED light (my working light)

It certainly gobsmaked me and my son......

Time to build a raspi-timelapse camera......

(this blog was written and DLed with my Raspberry Pi) ...slow but functional--

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GroG's picture

Cool Wine colored Photos Sir

Cool Wine colored Photos Sir Gareth..

Does the camera have V4L drivers yet ?

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There is a UV4L

Is this the same thing as UVideo4Linux /   UV4L  if so then ....Yes (however I have not tested)

Qoute :-

"UV4L is a simple framework providing Video4Linux2-compliant userspace drivers for real or virtual input video devices. Bye bye kernel modules! Your applications will work transparently.

For now there are the following drivers available:
- UVC, a driver for video input devices implementing the Usb Video Class hardware specifications;
- XScreen, which enables a virtual device allowing to connect to any (remote) display capture any portion of an X screen.
- MJPEGStream, which captures an MJPEG stream from a server (i.e. IP Camera) and makes it available via a virtual device."

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Yes, Great ! - means OpenCV


Great ! - means OpenCV will "probably" work on it "transparently" :)