Raspberry Pi Cameras and Faster Frame Rates

Saymon asked if the Raspberry Pi module was compatible with MRL. By "compatible" I believe what he is asking is, "Is the Raspberry Pi module compatible with the OpenCV service of MRL".  The answer is no. OpenCV only supports cameras which support V4L (video for Linux) . 

To add to the confusion there is two interfaces for Linux V4L and newer not necessarily compatible V4L2.

When Raspberry Pi was released they had a camera module for it - BUT IT DID NOT SUPPORT V4L/V4L2 ! So, there was no chance of it working in MRL/OpenCV. 

It has been a request of many people that the Raspberry Pi Foundation make a camera driver to support V4L/V4L2.  It appears that this person did just that on their own (V4L RasPi Camera Module Driver)

He gives a "use case" of using the camera at "1920x1080 resolution, 30 fps" .  Does that mean he's done it?  Dunno, it's the internet .. not everything is true :D.   This person is obviously a Linux guru - and he says "Since, by default, the system read I/O interface on RPi is too slow for recording at full resolution without data loss, we will give the uv4l process a RealTime scheduling priority:"   with

$ sudo chrt -a -r -p 99 `pgrep uv4l`

Linux is an amazing operating system !  You can tell it to give an application absolute power !  ...  So that made me think, what would just a regular USB camera behave like if we made it work in RealTime scheduling priority?  Would we break the 6fps frame rate record?

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Saymon Cristian Alves Oliveira's picture

Thanks for this post @Grog

I was very doubtful before you buy "Raspberry Pi Camera Module". Imagine if I bought and was not compatible with my project? I'll be wasting money. Thanks for the help! (This guy is amazing) yes