question on neopixel service and Gael's scripts

I am trying to get the neopixel sevice to work. I am using Gael's script and uncomenting his neopixel code.

#neopixel = Runtime.createAndStart("neopixel","Serial")

#neopixel.connect("COM3", 57600, 8, 1, 0)


The scripts in his gestures directory call the neopixel function like this



I can not get this to work. I have a seperate arduino micro that runs the stomach neopixel and I have loaded the script that gale has on his site for it but it appear to be the basic test code that comes from Adafruit with nothing inmoov specific.


Should I be running this code on the arduino or should it be an instance of MRLcomm?

I do not understand how MRL and python transfer the command to change the  lighting sequence via the gestures py scripts.

Anybody using this and can offer some help?



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Hi Perry

Since you have a separate Arduino, the best alternative is to install MRLComm in it and then use the NeoPixel service. You can find example code here:

I don't think Gael is using the NeoPixel service in his script yet. I remember he wrote that he just used a free running Arduino without any connection to MRL.

The NeoPixel service was created a few monts ago by calamity. I think he will be happy to see someone starting to use it and give some feedback on how it works.


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Hello Perry, This code is a

Hello Perry,

This code is a simple arduino sketch to run a loop light effect on your Neo Ring:



If you want to use the serial service like I do:

1-You need to upload this sketch into your Arduino that controls the Neo Pixel ring:

2-The Arduino has to be connected via USB to your PC.

3-You need to uncomment these lines and modify the COM port, pin number, and the bytes per second on your Arduino:

neopixel = Runtime.createAndStart("neopixel","Serial")

neopixel.connect("COM3", 57600, 3, 1, 0)

4-Connect your Neo ring to pin 3 on Arduino. (I had changed mine to pin 8)

5-Uncomment in the gestures


6-When the gesture is called the Neo ring should start to activate.

7-Look into the Arduinosketch to see the various states of light that correspond to .write(3)


You can find more info of moz4r here:


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Thanks a bunch Gael. That is

Thanks a bunch Gael. That is very helpful and I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I knw you are busy.

I have been thinking about a way to convey eotions with my inmoov. I have a couple neopixels in it. Maybe a redish color in the head when he is getting "angry" a blue when he is happy. More cross armed gestures and quick movements could indicate agitation. It would be neat if there could be a counter in the aiml that represents emotional state. For instance too many default responses because he doesn't understand the question would anger him and increment the mood. Like a scale of 1 to 10. 

But that is another conversatiion. 

Thanks again for the explanation.




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Hi Perry As Mats point out, I

Hi Perry

As Mats point out, I made a neopixel service some times ago with the goal to control it easy from MRL without having to maintain a different arduino sketch anf messages

You can control the color or pattern of the led of the neopixel with a python, so it`s easy to setup with AIML file

there is also some pre-set pattern that run from the arduino, if you want different pattern, I will be happy to implement them

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Thanks calamity. Iwill let

Thanks calamity. Iwill let you know if anything is needed to be added. I am going to play around with this for a couple of das to get my bearing.