Question about "Processing"

So uh, about a year ago I took an introductory programming course in the Processing programming language.  I'd experimented a bit with Processing in the past with Simple Open NI, and found it a bit easier to pick up than Python--probably because of how quick and easy it is to get interesting results with just a few lines of code.  One of my class projects was a Ping/Arduino/RasPi radar scanner and display. One of my classmates experimented with face detection in OpenCV.

One of the things I learned about Processing was that its core is Java.

This makes me wonder how difficult it would be to incorporate Processing scripting into MRL.  In other words, would it be possible to call an MRL library, say Arduino for example, like a Processing library?  I know it's possible to call Java libraries in a Processing sketch.

Speaking of libraries--Processing has some interesting ones like BoofCV,  Firmata, SimpleOpenNI and even OpenCV.

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DWR !!! Its been ages ...

DWR !!!

Its been ages ... Welcome back !   I hope its on a more regular interval.

Now to Processing.

I have always been impressed with Processings documenation - and their objective of making visual cause and effect simple.  I  like the old saying ..."Any fool can make things more complex, but takes real genius to make things simple"  ..  Processing shows this genius.

Ya a Processing service sounds great or a Processing plug-in which can connect to MRL sounds great too.
It just gets pushed down the priority list.

SimpleOpenNI & OpenCV we already have,  Firmata would be nice, but with limited resources we have been focusing on a the next release.  Considering what we've done I'm pretty excited.  This year I have had the pleasure of working with hardcore developers Kwatters & MaVo.  Its much more fun working in a group. Both of them have done some amazing work !  One of which is our new WebGUI .. from nearly nothing to a full blown extensible AngularJS application ... 

I find sprinting to a goal usually more productive.  For example, what goal would you want to achieve if we incorporated Processing?  A concrete example is helpful.  For example, would Houston come back to life if it was so ?