how to configure more than one Arduino board in mrl without using the service inmoov?
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start what ever services you like

Hi Mecax, 

  you can start up the arduino service directly .. you can attach your servos to it.  

arduino1 = Runtime.createAndStart("arduino1", "Arduino")

arduino2 = Runtime.createAndStart("arduino2", "Arduino")



you will have 2 new services called arduino1 and arduino2 .. 

the InMoov services just bundles together a bunch of other services...  arduino/servos/opencv/openni .. etc..

hope this helps!




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yes, you helped me

yes, you helped me , thanks kevin

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Nice kwatters ! Ya .. there

Nice kwatters !

Ya .. there is NO limit :)

arduino1 = Runtime.start("arduino1", "Arduino")

arduino2 = Runtime.start("arduino2", "Arduino")

arduino3 = Runtime.start("arduino3", "Arduino")

arduino4 = Runtime.start("arduino4", "Arduino")


arduino(n) = Runtime.start("arduino(n)", "Arduino")


where you will run out of Arduinos & com ports before MRL can stop controlling them :)