11:08:06.046 [main] ERROR c.m.f.Service [Service.java:2056] runtime error could not create service python Python


Anyone know how to fix this issue?

I had sent it.

This error message appears when I execute myrobotlab.jar and I can't run python scrpt using MRL.


4 years 2 months ago

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Your running Java version 12 on Windows 10 ...
We test MRL - Nixie version on Java 8  .. but it looks like your running MRL - Manticore version which is Java 7 (possibly 8) ..

I suspect the Python/Jython service is borked because the group of lawyers @ Oracle managed to bork the interface.

My best suggestion is uninstall Java 12 and install Java 8.

Where are you from Kelvin ?  I'm from the NorthWest section of North America - where it looks like this :

I can't believe it works ! Had been struggled for this issue for a couple weeks.

I'm from Malaysia, where it looks like this :