PYTHON: ImportError: No module named googlecode [SOLVED]


we just started building the inMoov as a project in a small group at our university. Unfortunately, some things just don't work as expected... 

As you can see in the subject, we get the errorcode, that we can't find a module named googlecode. We work with the exampleproject and obviously the line with

"from com.googlecode.javacv.cpp.opencv_core import CvPoint;"

doesn't work with the named ImportError. 

Do you have any experiences/suggestions what we could do to fix this problem?


Thanks a lot in advance :D 

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Hi and Welcome ! 1st) When

Hi and Welcome !

1st) When something doesn't work always send a noworky ! :) In the Runtime tab in Myrobotlab software use the help button and send noworky after the error occurs ! It will send the log to us :)

2nd) Where did you get the script you are currently using?




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Hi Alessandro, thank you for

Hi Alessandro,

thank you for your quick response.

We sent you a noworky.

We get the Python script from the examples. (


Thanks a lot

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Sorry ! that script is old !

Sorry ! that script is old ! We need to delete/update it !

Can i point you to something newer you could be interested about?

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Fixed the script !

Fixed the script :

Let me know if it works ! and thanks for you help in finding noworky script !


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Yes, now it works

Yes, now it works perfectly!

Thanks a lot! :)